Robb is becoming nationally known for leaving a successful music career in order to share his dramatic story and inspire young people from coast to coast.

Robb was the victim of a serious car accident, a head on collision with a semi truck. He was found with a fractured skull and pronounced dead. Before the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Robb’s pulse had miraculously returned. After a difficult recovery, and despite significant physical and emotional scars, Robb was left with a new outlook on life. 

He started his band to share his philosophy through the medium of music, and soon had songs in the Canadian Top 10. Robb saw musical success as a platform from which to influence and motivate young people. Robb put aside the stadium touring circuit, to speak to youth in their schools across the country, playing his songs and sharing their meaning.

Robb and his band bring their presentation to more than 200 schools through 150 shows each year. He speaks to over 50,000 students directly, and touches another 500,000 through other mediums like Facebook and Youtube.

Robb exudes positive energy in story and song, and sensitively deals with many serious issues that he’s experienced first hand. He relates directly to the youth of today and inspires them to make changes in themselves and the world around them.

“I’ve spoken to thousands of young people across Canada. So many are missing out on their destinies. The issues they’re dealing with are consistent, and I knew that i could use my influence and my music to help. I went through a severely traumatic experience before I realized how important each day and each decision is. I don’t want them to have to find out the same way.”



Jonny started his career as a drummer in the 7th grade, and had begun playing in bands by the time he reached grade 9. Over the years he’s honed his skill as a musician and toured throughout Canada and the U.S.

With a passion for all aspects of the music industry, Jonny studied music business through Berklee College as well as sound engineering. Jonny is also an experienced producer, engineer and writer, and operates his own studio.

After spending years struggling to break into the music scene, Jonny had put down his drumsticks when a phone call from Robb convinced him to come out of retirement and play one show in 2009. The instant chemistry and common interest in making a difference through music, made for a perfect fit.

Today Jonny is not only the band’s driving rhythm section, but is highly involved in the production and writing of new material. When he’s not playing or writing music, Jonny pursues his humanitarian passions through university studies in psychology.