Bryan Beach


Bryan grew up with a passion for music, pursuing guitar as his instrument of choice. He spent countless hours watching, listening and learning from his favourite musicians on the TV and radio. 

As a teenager, Bryan was diagnosed with Aspergers and Bipolar Disorder and struggled with addictions. Determined not to be identified by these labels, Bryan faced these challenges head on. He realized many of the things he thought he was cursed with were actually his biggest gifts. As a result of these experiences, Bryan's dream was to somehow combine his love of music with his desire to be a source of inspiration. A breakthrough at a Robb Nash show made Bryan realize that it was possible to combine those two dreams and the opportunity to do just that came knocking.

Today Bryan plays guitar for The Robb Nash Project and aides on the audio-visual team, all while telling his story. Bryan's focus is to continue exhibiting that anything is possible with the right heart and mindset.