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This tour originally started as a nine-month commitment to tour schools and youth detention centers and here we are, seven years later, still going strong! When we started out it was difficult to connect with schools and get educators to work with us because, typically, musicians don’t have great reputations and we were unknown. There were times that all we could book were a few minutes with just a handful of students. A lot has changed since those early day. Now we are booking schools as much as three years in advance and we have a waiting list for schools who want us that just keeps growing!

Sometimes the limitations of our time and availability can be frustrating. We can only really do about 150 shows between September and June each year. Thankfully, schools are beginning to come together on their own so more students can hear our message. Often times, when we book a show, the host school will invite neighboring schools to join them so as many students as possible can benefit from our presentation. This is so great to see!

On January 25, 2017 we took a cue from these schools and, for the first time, brought multiple schools together for a Supershow. When we began planning this event, many school divisions jumped at the chance to be the first to attend this kind of event. In the end, we partnered with St. James School Division in Winnipeg. They filled 30 buses with middle school students from multiple schools and brought them down to The Burton Cummings Theatre to hear our message. Mark Chipman, my friend and a supporter of the work we do, generously donated the use of this venue for our show – and the Supershow was a success!

Our team did an amazing job of planning and executing this event and we’ve had amazing feedback from the schools. One of the best things I heard about the show came from a school counselor who told our team that before we were even done the show that day, one of the students from their school gave them a suicide note. To us, this is even more meaningful than when students hand us their notes because they are turning to the people in their world, in their school for support. We don’t have to try to connect them with the help and support they need because they’ve made that connection for themselves. It’s amazing and we love it when that happens!

We can’t wait to plan more Supershows so we can continue to spread our message to students all across Canada!