New Ways of Giving



The Robb Nash Project has been chosen as a charity recipient for a new fundraising method called Givesome. The Givesome App on iOS launched March 20 with the first Robb Nash music project launching on April 24. An App for Android users will also be launched soon.

Givesome brings impacting charity projects directly to your phone. You will be able to see the project and the costs. Projects will be fully funded one at a time and the results of the completed projects will be promptly reported to the individual donors. The donation amounts are small yet the results will be large as many donors respond.

"We believe that seeing where your money goes and seeing the lives you have directly impacted will change giving for you. It's time to see the difference we're capable of when we all come together and give a few bucks", Jay Whitelaw, Givesome Founder.


Donate via E-Transfer

For anyone wishing to donate by e-transfer directly to The Robb Nash Project please use DONATE@ROBBNASH.COM. Your funds will be deposited by our Director of Finance and a charitable receipt will be issued promptly.


Monthly Giving

For consistent funding and budgeting we sincerely appreciate monthly giving commitments. Small monthly donations add up and make a significant difference. You can sign up for monthly giving on our website