As a staff, we have seen many presentations over the years that have brought excellent messages to our students about mental health, good decision-making, suicide, and resiliency.  Without a doubt, the Robb Nash presentation is the very best of the best.  Ever since we first saw it, I have been anxiously awaiting its return to our school, as I know it will have a significant impact on our student body.  His message is clear, his presentation is top notch, and our students were 100% engaged throughout this event.

-Tim Lekas, Principal, Rimbey Jr/Sr High School, AB

The show exceeded our expectations. It impacted the students so much so that we received positive emails from parents as well as many positive comments from students and staff about the message of hope and strength in times of despair. There were students that stayed till the very end to talk to the performers that normally race out of the school. The group’s commitment is totally with the students and their needs, from the beginning to the end of the show. Thank you.

-Cheryl McCombe, VP, Acadia Jr High, Winnipeg MB



Hi, I just wanted to say thank you... you helped me throw away all my blades and burn my suicide note, thank you for making me realize that it's not the answer.


I have struggled with depression for a long time because I feel like people don't Iike me or that I just don't fit in. That I'm not 'normal'. Hearing what you had to say hit me hard. Recently things have gotten worse for my depression because back in march I lost my brother to his battle with cancer. Ever since then, I feel like people have been avoiding me or just avoiding talking about him and they don't ask how I'm doing. It really hurts. After hearing you today, it helped me change my outlook on life and I realize that I can find strength to continue life and try to make a difference and also find my true self. So, I just wanted to say thank you. This tour you guys are doing is life changing for so many like myself. You're all amazing.


Your words and message have really stuck with me. My mom passed away very recently and very suddenly and I haven't been allowing myself to feel it. I thought that by pretending it didn't happen, I could be stronger for my dad and for the people around me, but that wasn't working very well. You said where there's weakness, there's strength. Your words made me think a whole lot about my actions and I realized that I wasn't being weak by allowing myself to feel the pain, I was just being human. My dad works 16 hour shifts almost daily and honestly being at home alone is really shitty. Whenever I feel crappy, I think about your show and your message and it makes me feel better, like I'm not alone. What I'm really trying to say is thank you Mr. Nash and all of the people in the Robb Nash project team for doing what you do because you made a big impact on me (as well as a lot of other people) and shifted my way of thinking into a manner that isn't harmful.


I am a survivor of childhood trauma and 7 years in the foster care system. Robb and his team have impacted me in so many positive ways. I have been working with a trauma therapist for a year now and slowly I am getting better. His story, message, and emotional rawness to the music he shares connects with me so deeply. Thank you for all you do and keep up the amazing work. You saved my life through your message.


I wanted to thank Robb, the band, and the crew for dedicating their lives to this mission. Please let Robb know that I kept my promise in contacting my sister and that it went really well. He was the last push I needed to restart my relationship with my sister. It has been five years since she ran away from home and we never have been able to fully move forward from that night, until now. Again, thank you to all who are part of this mission for having the courage to share their stories and inspire so many to do the same. You have granted me that same courage to not be defined by moments, but by the choices I make after them.


You gave my your bracelet and signed my arm. I'm very glad you came to my school. I have been going through depression for 5 years and this year has been the hardest. I've been through broken friendships and losing the people who I love. I'm so thankful for you coming because it made me open my eyes to see the greater things in life. Thank you so much Robb.


I was at your event at my school. It really hit home. I had to walk out because I couldn't stop crying. It made me think of what I'm going through and my story. Your music got to me. I'm so thankful that I got to be there today. I came home and threw out all my suicide notes and blades. Your such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story.


Hey Robb! I just wanted to send you and your band this email as a big thank you. Your performance really hit close to my heart because around a year ago, I slipped into this dark state of mind that was hard to get out of but people exactly like you helped me along the way. Every single word you said today made me feel stronger and more confident about myself. Thank you so much for coming to my school. I can't even express how happy I am to know that I'm not the only one who felt this way. I now know that I am a gift, and I am not cursed. You are truly a life saver. Thank you so much, and please send love to the fellow band members.


I'd just like to write you to say thank you. I just want you to know how much you are appreciated by every single person in my school. Being that our school has so many students, thousands even, we have many assemblies and inspirational speakers that come to our school for multiple reasons. Some to speak about drugs, some to speak about their heroic journeys, and many to speak about mental health. I can't even count how many speakers or organizations have come to our school to talk about mental health, suicide prevention, and such. But I have to say, your presentation and performance was BY FAR the most inspiring I could ever imagine. The amount of presentations my school has watched on this subject, and the amount of research and thought that the students of my school have put into this subject, is no comparison to what we have learned from your performance. Your show was so much different, not only because of the music, but because of your personal story, your personal perspective and judgement, your humorous outlook, your talent, your way of speaking, your performance, just everything. I have never seen so many students so into an assembly and so inspired to speak to you. Did you even have time to speak to every kid in line after your performance? The amount of people who you motivated is incredible. From one visit. There are so many kids at my school that struggle from mental health, addictions, or even who are just going through tough times. And I know for a fact they all extremely appreciated your presentation. Some of my friends even confessed to me about their suicide notes, about their feelings, after your presentation. Your words made them less afraid, made them feel less alone. What you did is amazing, I can't express it enough. I always love helping people and being there for them when they need me, and now I feel even more confident that I can make a difference just like you do.


I saw the show today and it has had such an impact already letting me know that I am not alone in my journey. In October of 2011 I was in a severe accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down, it has taken a toll on not only my physical health but also my mental health, I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder that effects my life on a daily basis. Seeing Robb Nash talk about his own accident and how he felt afterwards helped make me feel less alone and that there are other people who have survived the "unsurvivable" and made it to a better place with finding what they want to do and why. Thank you so much for everything you all do to make this happen, and to bring awareness to what happens below the surface. Keep being awesome and doing what you do, I hope I can make a difference like y'all do one day.


I am 16yrs old and I just wanna thank you for everything you do. I got the chance to see one of your concerts and I thought it was amazing. I don't usually like talking about self harm and suicide and everything that follows the two very serious issues. I myself have extremely bad mental health issues, I have had a terrible past of being in the system, being abused, losing loved ones. I’ve tried to commit suicide more than once in my 16yrs of being alive. I remember you were talking to the audience about how some people might feel cursed… when you said that, you instantly had my attention because my whole life I’ve thought that something is wrong with me, I'm cursed, I mess up everything. Your speech helped me in so many ways I can't even explain. I tend to hold so much back I never cry. I'll get upset or angry, however I will never break down in tears. Your show had me in tears because everything you talked about really hit home for me. I have had friends and family who have passed on from suicide so when you told the stories about those kids who took their lives I began to break down. I just wanted to say that because of your presentation you have changed the way I feel about everything. I feel like because of you I have more hope, like I'm gonna be okay. You saved my life Robb Nash.