CBC Documentary in the Works

To coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday, CBC is producing a docu-series on special Canadians. Robb Nash has been selected amongst this prestigious set, and his work will be showcased in a 16-minute piece due to air later this year. 

CBC film crews followed around the team for 3 days, documenting life on the road, interviewing the band and filming school shows. The crew was very talented, professional and connected instantly with Robb Nash and the band - very quickly the team noticed something very special was happening.

During the final interviews, Robb looked at the team behind the cameras and realized nearly everybody was in tears. They all said that this was the most moving and most important project that they had ever been a part of.  The experience exceeded all expectations and can be best summed up in an email from the Producer, “That interview we did was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. In that moment it felt like everything I'd been doing in my entire career had been building towards sitting across from you in that classroom. The raw honestly of it was unbelievably powerful. In my opinion, everyone in the world needs to hear this story.”