Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017 is one for the record books with 131,705,010 total messages of support – and $6,585,250 more funding for Canadian mental health. Robb Nash was proud to be involved in this incredible cause for the third consecutive year.

Over the 28.5 hours from midnight Newfoundland time to midnight Pacific time, there were 131,705,010 total Bell Let’s Talk interactions, including texts, mobile calls and long distance calls by Bell customers, tweets using the #BellLetsTalk hashtag on Twitter, views of the Facebook Bell Let’s Talk video, Instagram posts using the #BellLetsTalk hashtag, and Snapchats with the Bell Let’s Talk geofilter – a 4.6% increase over the 125,915,295 total on Bell Let’s Talk Day 2016.

With Snapchat and Instagram joining Twitter and Facebook as Bell Let’s Talk partners, total social media interactions almost tripled, from 7,409,845 messages of support in 2016 to 22,008,855 this year. #BellLetsTalk was the top Twitter trend in Canada and worldwide.

Bell donates 5 cents per interaction, at no extra charge to participants, so the result is a further $6,585,250.50 in funding for Canadian mental health programs.

The 2017 Bell Let's Talk team, led by Clara Hughes, was busy all across the country on Bell Let’s Talk Day appearing on media outlets, speaking at and hosting events, visiting students and young people, and performing concerts, all to shine a spotlight on mental health.

Robb Nash was amongst a star-studded list of celebrities, actors, musicians, entertainers and athletes who all shared their own mental health stories, encouraging Canadians around the country to join in.