Stand My Ground

Must've been about 6 years old.
You told me I could be anything.
Maybe I would even win the gold or rule the world.

Then it was graduation day.
You wanted me to be like you.
Put your damn guitar away don't be a fool.

I don't have your fear of failing,
I've gotta know I tried.
Won't count down every working day until I die.

When I stand my ground you laugh at me,
And tell me who I'll never be,
You only built me up to tear me down.
You cut me deep with disbelief and razors of reality.
So I'll just keep my head in the clouds,

Standing my Ground.

You said I swept you off your feet.
With every song I sang to you.
You said that you believed in me, wish that were true.

When we talked about a wedding date,
You said my adolescent dream was through.
Put your damn guitar away, go back to school.

I can't live your 9 to 5,
I've gotta roll the dice.
Won't count down every working day until I die.

I don't want to live a life that I regret.
I won't forget who I am.
Don't want to say "What If?" when I look back.
I can't live like that at all.