Connect with school boards in your area and invite all schools to bring their grade 6-10 students to the event. TRNP graphics team would be happy to create a customized promotional poster for you, as well as a customized e-invitation that you can send to board superintendents, school principals and community leaders. Please note that ALL promotional materials must be approved by TRNP.

The following material will help you to promote the event:

The following documents can be used as well:


For each school who would like to participate in the event, gather the following information:

  • School name and location

  • Information for main school contact

    • Name

    • Role

    • Email

    • Work phone

    • Cell phone

  • Attendance information (If you have multiple dates, determine which day the school will be attending)

    • # of students attending

    • grades of students attending

    • # of staff attending

    • total attendance number

    • # and type of special needs seating required (if any)

    • location of assigned seating

  • Bussing information

    • bussing company the school is using

    • # of busses the school will be sending

    • time of departure from school

    • time of arrival at venue

    • arrival order in relation to other schools

    • time of departure from venue

    • departure order in relation to other schools

  • Pre-show package information (see STEP 6)

    • # postcards required (one per student)

    • # bracelets required (approx. ratio of one per 15 students)

    • # song download cards (same number as bracelets)

    • when pre-show email has been sent

    • when pre-show package has been sent

  • Specific notes about any special needs of each school, if any

As you track attendance numbers, make sure to leave some seats for guests and last-minute adjustments.

Once you have confirmation of numbers from each participating school, prepare a seating chart and a bussing schedule to ensure that the flow of students into and out of the venue is as controlled and orderly as possible. The TRNP Event Manager can help you develop a seating chart and a bussing schedule. Make sure to block off a section of seats for guests when you develop the seating chart.

Here is a sample seating chart from a Supershow at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg:

It is recommended to have the seating chart prepared as a picture as well as a list of seating assignments. TRNP Event Manager can help you to prepare a picture form of the seating chart if you are unsure of how to approach this.

Ensure that the number of busses required and the bussing schedule for each school is communicated to the respective bussing company. If schools or school boards have arranged their own bussing, make sure all parties involved know the scheduled drop off and pick up times for each school.

The following document can be used to keep track of participating school information: