Invite guests to attend the event and register each guest who would like to come – only registered guests will be allowed in the venue. The TRNP team will also invite guests to the event and the TRNP Events Director will keep you informed of all guests being invited by TRNP.

Gather the following information for all attending guests:

  • Full name (keep the list in alphabetical order with last name first for easy check-in on event day)

  • Company or organization they represent

  • Who invited them to attend

  • Any special needs seating required

  • Total number of guest access passes required

  • Leave a space to check off each guest’s arrival

All guests will be required to wear a guest access pass (provided by TRNP) and may need a ticket to get into the presentation if the venue requires this. The TRNP Events Director will work with you to ensure there is an adequate number of access passes and tickets (if required).

The following document can be used to track guest attendance:

Assign a guest seating area, ensuring there is adequate seating for all attendees. If there are only a few seats available for guests, be intentional about who you invite. Guests can include the following:

  • Community leaders

  • Government leaders

  • Local business owners

  • Current and potential sponsors

  • School Board superintendents

  • Educators who have never experienced a Robb Nash presentation

  • Possible future SuperShow organizing committees

  • Friends and family


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