Two to four weeks before the presentation, email each participating school the following information:

  • Confirmation of event location, date and start time

  • Scheduled drop off and pick up times for busses

  • Seating chart

  • Explanation of event day pre-show meeting with Robb for all school counselors when they arrive at venue (allowing Robb to touch base with schools right before the show)

  • TRNP pre-show video link: Intro for Teachers

  • TRNP presentation info and checklist:

  • The following email template can be used:

Each participating school will also receive the following post-show support materials at least 7 days before the event. These materials can be mailed directly to each school or hand-delivered by an organizing committee member. Discuss your preference with the TRNP Events Director.

  • Student concert booklets

  • Teacher post-support guides

  • TRNP bracelets

  • Song download cards

  • Instruction sheet: