Thief of Colors

I wish I could see the world like it used to be
But you painted it grey
I wish I could take the advice that was given to me
But I threw it away.

Sometimes I don’t know why
I just can’t say goodbye
There’s still a piece that craves you.

The wasted days and nights
All turned to black and white
Cause you’re the thief of colors

Just for today, I’ll wake without
Just for today, I’ll breathe without you
Just for today, I’ll have to find the strength to stay away
Just for today.

I wish I could say it was taken from me
But I I gave it away.
I wish I could say it was fate or my destiny
But I’ve taken the blame.

I don’t know who I am, I have to start again.
Has all my vision faded?

With all the years of waste
Yet I still crave your taste.
Cause you’re the thief of colors.

Every day begins the same
I want to touch and taste you
Take me over and over
Every night it ends the same
I look into the mirror
I’m growing older and older
Colder and colder.