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Robb in the Washington Post

Several years ago, Robb Nash received an urgent phone call from a high school principal. One of the school’s students had killed herself and in her suicide note revealed that she and a friend had a suicide pact. She didn’t say who.


Robb Nash on Global National's "Everyday Hero"

Article and video


tatoosRobbYouth are Leaving Their Mark on Robb Nash

"For years I've been blown away as people have gotten tattoos with my lyrics on them. I decided to get the signatures from the first 120 suicide notes given to me tattooed on my arm. They're as much a part of my life, as I am of theirs." Robb

Winnipeg Free Press

Bison Transport proudly supports the Robb Nash Project

Bison Transport works very hard to ensure that our staff and their families have access to any resources that they may need to deal with challenges they face both at work and in their personal lives. Supporting those in need to help themselves is also something that we feel strongly about.

A Promise from 57 Gordon Bell Students

Fifty-seven students from Gordon Bell High School exposed their self-inflicted scars to Winnipeg musician Robb Nash and made a vow to stop cutting themselves on Monday. more

Crisis of Anxiety and Depression

On Tuesday last week the Robb Nash band performedin the gymnasium at St. Anthony’s, brought in by the school to speak to students about depression, anxiety, and suicide.  more

Robb visits Cross Lake, Manitoba

After six suicides in three months and 140 attempts in a two week period in Cross Lake, Manitoba, Kleefeld singer/songwriter Robb Nash made the trip to perform and speak to the students and staff. more

Robb Nash delivers inspiring, emotional message to local students

Robb Nash Teams with Bell Let's Talk

Watch the video.

Robb Nash bringing music, and purpose, to Inuit youth

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the basement of an Ottawa church in Vanier, late afternoon Dec. 2, you’ll see a rock star who’s trying to give Inuit kids a reason to stay alive.. more

Robb Nash Undergoes Further Head Surgery

Local singer/songwriter Robb Nash had head surgery at the Mayo Clinic on Friday, October 31. Nash explains he has suffered from more and more pain over the last couple years. more

Embracing Second Chances to Ask Questions

You’ve got one life. Don’t take it for granted. That is part of the message speaker and musician Robb Nash is sharing with young people across Canada. more

World Suicide Prevention Day

Robb and his team spent World Suicide Day in Moose Jaw where thousands of students gathered from 14 different schools. Learn more from two Moosejaw Herald articles here and here.

Robb Talks with CHML900 in Hamilton

Listen to it here.

The Band Takes Their Message in the Okanagan, BC

Read the article about the band's recent shows in the Okanagan in British Columbia..


Hannah Leflar

hannah1To all those who were at the funeral for Hannah Leflar in Regina today, her parents asked if I could come to speak and sing. Here is a free copy of the song that I sang. I hope it helps bring some peace through such a tragic time.

download the song
download the lyrics
watch the video







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Some parents & teachers ask me why someone would cut. They are even more confused when...

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The Robb Nash Project is a powerful force for change, encouraging teens to discover their unique strengths and to make positive choices for today and tomorrow. Former lead singer of the band Live on Arrival, Robb Nash performs at schools, corectional facilities and detention centres. He shares his music and message with youth across the country, through a concert style performance.

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