60 Willow Brook Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 0N7
1(844) 400-NASH (6274)

Please note this is our administration office and not Robb's personal address.


For donation and partnership inquiries please contact John Bullock here.


For support and questions related to our post-show materials or to share your student projects, please contact our Education Director, Linda Poulin here.


If you would like to contact the Robb Nash presentation booking team, or leave a comment about how the shows have positively impacted you or your friends, email us here.

For media and all other inquiries, please contact Jarret Hannah here.


If you are in need of help or counselling, please understand this is not a service we are able to offer. If you need help, or need to talk to someone please visit KIDS HELP PHONE or call 1 800 668-6868.