Hello Goodbye

Hey goodbye, I guess I messed up again.
Thought I'd change, but still I'm the way I am.
I know I'll always be the same and I accept the blame
For the sorry state that I'm in.

Hey goodbye, there's no use in trying.
Cause if I stay, there's no end to the crying.
She deserves way more so I'm walking out the door.
For once I'll be kind and I'll make up her mind.

She's so sick of me begging forgiveness.
Cause you and I, we both know I did this.
I'm jaded, I'm hated,
You're the only friend of mine.
Pleased to meet you, hello goodbye.

Hey Goodbye, let's open a bottle.
And forget about an empty tomorrow.
It's hard to face the truth, that it's just me and you.
For once I did what's right and I made up her mind.

Oh, I wish I was a better man.
Oh, but I'm stuck with goodbye as I am.
I'm jaded, I'm hated.
You're the only friend of mine.