even if i broke down now with this so called cloud
hanging over my head could i smoke out sound
i hit the wall when i think of it
yeah like i mighta bit way to close to the root of it

like a schizophrenic terabit i wanna skip ahead a bit
and see if this voice is legitimate
stay tuned cause demon number two is gonna hit you
so what you gonna do, what you gonna do

open wounds are slowly closing
although my scars they still are showing

cast all your stones like medication
break all my bones i’ve contemplated
these voices aren't gone but they're hesitating
cast all your stones

death’s gonna see why they shoulda kept me
cause you're gonna see demon’s scream an apology
it’s fear that you're gonna hear clear
if they ever set foot here or merely interfere

you wanna talk take your best shot
pick your spot on the clock, i’ll be waiting here, tick, tock
you’re not my God, nah just another fraud
so what you gonna do, what you gonna do

my backs to the wall, feel the cracks and the scars
as i fall to the floor and scream but they ain’t listen at all
does anybody really care, they just masking assault
just another diagnosis they just jacking us all
a swipe of the card and you promise my depression and anxiety
residing deep inside of me will leave my body quietly
you cast lots and pills by the handful
how could you gamble on my life, now i can’t handle
a normal day, cause i’m stuck on pharmaceuticals
they put me in a box like a cubicle, an animal
well this is what you made and i’m daring anyone of you to let me out the cage