Tell Me Why

Not gonna make you stand, no not gonna raise your hand up
Not gonna make you but your mind is pacing and it won't stop.
It’s like I’m talking to’s like I see right through
You’ve finally shattered and your tears have finally broken too

And that mask that you put on....for God only knows how long
Is cracked and you’ll never get it back, no you’ll never want it back cause i took it off.

it’s like you know its true, like this whole show’s for you
Like i came back to life so you could finally live it too

And when i cried, you were crying too
And when i died man..... you were dying too

Now i’m alive and i know you're sitting there but I can't see.

So Tell me Why , did we come down here Can I get an explanation
Tell me why did we come round here I'm waiting for a revelation

CAN'T YOU SEE I'M CRYING Tell me tell me why
CAN'T YOU SEE I'M DYING Tell me tell me why

Not gonna make you fall, no not gonna make you call out
Not gonna make you but i want to see you take that wall down
That person next to you, has hell they’re going through
But they’re scared to let it out cause they think that you might judge them too
Or what if they have a gift, but it’s like they’re scared to live
they’ve got a demon in their head that no one knows they’re dealing with

And Your story is the key, that finally sets them free but I can't see

Tell me did I, tell me did I, tell me did I call you
Amazing to see the people that come around, did I call you